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An Expedia etiquette study looks at the annoying habits of hotel guests

Inattentive parents top a list that includes "poolside partiers" and "hot tub canoodlers"

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While “hot tub canoodlers” and “business bar boozers” receive their share of withering looks from their fellow hotel guests, no group inspires more wrath than inattentive parents.

Their lackadaisical wrangling of kids gone wild annoys two-thirds of American hotel guests, according to Expedia’s inaugural Hotel Etiquette Study.

The 2015 study, released Monday, asked 1,022 Americans to weigh in on the most annoying behaviors exhibited by hotel guests. The study was conducted for Expedia by independent market research company GfK.

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Inattentive parents topped the list, aggravating 67% of respondents. Hallway hellraisers annoyed 64% of respondents, followed by complainers (54%).

Here’s the full list of irritating guests, from most to least annoying:

Inattentive parents: 67%

Hallway hellraisers: 64%

Complainers: 54%

In-room revelers: 52%

Bickerers: 26%

Poolside partiers: 22%

Loudly amorous (indiscreet lovemakers): 21%

Hot tub canoodlers: 20%

Business bar boozers: 12%

Elevator chatterbox: 6%

“While etiquette violations differ, they tend to come down to the same behavior, whether or not guests respect the strangers in close proximity to them,” said John Morrey, vice president and general manager of, in a statement.

“A modicum of consideration for your fellow travelers can go a very long way,” he said.

Amen to that, poolside partiers.

Among other findings:

More than a quarter of Americans take home the toiletries, a figure that seems shockingly low given the number of tiny shampoo bottles in circulation nationwide.

Slightly more than half – 51% – of guests tip hotel housekeeping.

Yet more than a quarter don’t tip hotel employees at all, which makes us wonder whether there shouldn’t be at least one more annoying hotel guest category.

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