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How world leaders travel: Boeing's latest mile-high luxury

Lauren Said-Moorhouse, for CNNUpdated 31st March 2018
(CNN) — The business-flying elite will soon be able to cruise the skies in even more comfort as one of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers unveils its latest VIP cabin fittings.
Boeing has taken delivery of the first Boeing Business jet (BBJ) fitted with the new Aeroloft. Boeing said of the nine Aeroloft-modified BBJ aircrafts that have been sold to date, all are for destined for undisclosed head-of-state customers.
Designed by Washington-based company Greenpoint Technologies, the Aeroloft provides an additional 36.5 meters of cabin space in a VIP-configured BBJ 787-8. The new cabin design sits above the main deck of the aircraft between the upper deck and tail.
Christine Hadley, manager of sales and marketing at Greenpoint Technologies said: "The Aeroloft was developed to accommodate customer driven requirements for the Boeing 747-8 aircraft. Boeing cleared this 'overhead' area and customers desired a solution for optimal passenger space utilization."
Exhausted business leaders can change into less formal attire before recharging their batteries in one of the eight private, luxurious sleeping quarters or sitting back in the adjacent lounge.
BBJ president, captain Steve Taylor said: We're certain all the BBJ 747-8 customers receiving the Aeroloft will be thrilled with this unique and comfortable space."
Taylor and BBJ chief pilot, captain Rene Gonzalez are flying the newly-fitted plane to Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg, Germany where more VIP interior elements are to be added for the first customer.
Boeing is scheduled to deliver another two BBJ 787-8s this year.
But high-flyers of the corporate world shouldn't rejoice just yet. The BBJ 747-8 is a large aircraft and after all the luxurious trimmings have been added, figures released by Boeing show the modified plane will have a price tag of around $500 million.