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New book '24H Hong Kong' shows another side of the city

Kate Springer, CNNUpdated 8th August 2018
(CNN) — If you think there's nothing more to Hong Kong than crowded streets and dense high rises, then you should pick up Karl Hab's new book "24H HONG KONG."
In the sequel to 24H LOS ANGELES, the Parisian photographer documents Hong Kong city life with colorful aerial photography, rare quiet moments and visits to lesser frequented corners like industrial Chai Wan.
"The goal is to really showcase my vision of traveling," says Hab, who has been documenting urban street life in Paris for more than 14 years.
"I'm known for my very low-profile approach -- I prefer to stay in the background to capture rare elements and the quiet beauty of my surroundings."
Having picked up the camera at a young age, the self-taught artist -- and trained aerospace engineer -- says he's been addicted to photography since he was around 12 years old.
"I'm always moving -- I explore and get lost to capture the world with my collection of cameras, whether in the Hong Kong subway or with an aerial vantage point from planes or helicopters," says Hab.
"For me, it's all about the beauty of cities. I'm inspired by cities: their sunsets, colors and movements."
Travelers can take an armchair journey through the back streets and serene scenes of Hong Kong through Hab's photography in the gallery above.