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Italian jewelry brand Veschetti gives 'la dolce vita' a modern makeover

Published 22nd February 2018
Credit: Courtesy Veschetti
Italian jewelry brand Veschetti gives 'la dolce vita' a modern makeover
Written by CNN Staff
In 1949, Mario Veschetti set out to build a jewelery brand centered on Italian craftsmanship and inspired by his country's beauty. Today, almost 70 years later, the legacy lives on through his children, Laura and Marco. Together, they have grown the brand and expanded into international markets that were untapped in their father's lifetime.
Ahead of this year's Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition, Laura Veschetti spoke to CNN about how spreading Italian aesthetics through fine jewelry.
Brother-and-sister duo Laura and Marco Veschetti.
Brother-and-sister duo Laura and Marco Veschetti. Credit: Courtesy Veschetti
CNN: Where do you look for inspiration?
Laura Veschetti: We take inspiration from Italian beauty. We are a family business -- we started in '49 -- and our father taught us to see the beauty in all around us before teaching us how to make jewelry.
We also look to the past, taking inspiration from the vintage jewelry of very big jewelers like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Bulgari, for example. We try to transmit the inspiration to the ladies of our age.
What kind of jewelry -- and how much -- do you wear yourself?
I try to wear as many as I can -- but obviously not everything together. I try to change (my pieces) often, depending on my mood, on my dress.
Courtesy Veschetti
What piece couldn't you live without?
I always wear a marquise diamond ring. It's important, but I can wear it in every situation. I can wear with my tennis shoes.
How do you hope the wearer feels when wearing one of your pieces?
I think the women who are inspired by our jewelry feel very comfortable in the jewelry they wear. They can wear our jewelry at any moment of the day. Even though there are some (pieces) that are very important, they are really very wearable.
(The women) should feel very confident, and feel really beautiful because they were before they put on our jewelry.
Which era are you most influenced by?
We are inspired by the '60s and the '70s when, in Italy, we had la dolce vita, and everything was really addressed to the beauty of the country: the elegance, the very well-dressed (people), the parties. Our women are women who can work everyday, but be princesses at night..
What is it about precious stones that appeal to so many cultures through time?
They are symbols. First of all, they are symbols of beauty, but also symbols of wealth. It's a kind of status symbol.
Courtesy Veschetti
Would you describe jewelry making as more of art or a craft?
For our jewelry, its a mix of the two because we produce everything by hand. We (the designers) take inspiration, but then it's the work of the man that makes the jewels.
Who -- living or dead -- would you most like to have worn your jewelry?
For sure our mother, who passed away. Above all, she's the one who gave us this strong passion, and without passion, you can do nothing.
Which issue do you think the jewelry industry must take more seriously?
I think we all have to be responsible for what we sell, above all with the stones. There is a strong history behind any stone, so, for sure, we do our best not to choose blood stones.
Courtesy Veschetti
Quickfire: Gold or silver?
For sure gold. I love the warm color of gold.
Diamonds or pearls?
Diamonds forever.
Minimalism or maximalism?
Contemporary or vintage?
Vintage style with a contemporary mood.
This interview is part of a series profiling jewelers showing at this year's Doha Jewellery and Watches Exhibition, on from Feb. 21 to Feb. 28, 2018.