French illustrator Jean Jullien’s unifying symbol for peace shared worldwide

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Jean Jullien hand-paints unifying symbol in response to Paris attacks

He posted the image on his Instagram feed

The image has since spread around the world

CNN  — 

Before the names and faces of the victims of Friday’s terrorist attack in Paris emerged, there was one unifying symbol.

A simple image shared by millions across social media: the combination of a peace sign and the Eiffel Tower.

Jean Jullien, the 32-year-old French graphic designer behind the image, posted it onto his Instagram and Twitter on Friday, soon after a series of terror attacks in the French capital – since claimed by ISIS – left 129 people dead and 352 injured.

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“It was the most spontaneous thing. I heard the news on the radio, and I had this heartfelt reaction. I wanted to draw something that could symbolize peace and solidarity, and I wanted something with the context of Paris,” Jullien tells CNN.

‘Peace for Paris’ appears around the world

Besides social media platforms, Jullien’s illustration is being used in a public show of support – hand-drawn onto posters, shirts, and in other ways of commemorating the victims. Photos from around the world have captured people using the sign.

“The response has been overwhelming – especially since I didn’t have any control over it. But I can’t feel pride or happiness because it is such a dark time. It’s undesired exposure. A horrible moment. But, I’m just somehow glad people made use of it.”