American horror films, sequins and silent catwalks at New York Fashion Week

Updated 14th September 2017
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American horror films, sequins and silent catwalks at New York Fashion Week
Written by Harriet Verney, CNN
The first of the four week-long hurdles of fashion month has been cleared with the close of New York Fashion Week. With a diverse range of shows, the city showed why it deserves its position as a key fashion capital.
In his new post at Calvin Klein, Raf Simons showcased designs that channeled classic American horror films, with red-stained, glittered and tasseled dresses reminiscent Sissy Spacek's blood-covered attire in "Carrie." All the while, idiosyncrasies of the American dream were apparent in the set design: pom-poms hung limply from the ceiling, although, on closer inspection, they had macabre axes dangling from their centers.
Emerging designers garnered as much press as the dominating big guns of the fashion machine. Green-haired designer Christian Cowan sent models in oversized pillar-box red sequins layered onto a check print down the catwalk, as well as a Chihuahua donning a shocking pink bow. In another talked-about display, models wore hijabs by a number different designers at the Indonesian Diversity fashion show, showing off the cultural multiplicity New York is known for.
Marc Jacobs was last on the schedule. In his last two shows, the designer sent models down the runway in complete silence with no music, and this season was no different. His collection was having far too much fun on its own to need music; it would demand its own roaring club night should it be worn. Only the slip-slop of their flip-flops, stamp of dramatic heels and the chattering of heavily beaded tops could be heard.
The finale ended with a musical crescendo, and just like that, in a orchestra's heartbeat, New York Fashion Week was over for another season.