Inside Dubai's oldest tailor shop

Updated 28th February 2017
Inside Dubai's oldest tailor shop
Written by CNN Staff
This video is taken from CNN's Inside the Middle East.
Prakash Parmar, a seventh-generation tailor based in Dubai, believes that "every man should have a suit. A good suit is a representation of a personality."
Prakash's father opened Dubai's first suit tailor shop in 1956, 15 years before the UAE became a nation.
Parmar Tailors make bespoke mens' suits, completely by hand. The finest of these contains over 8,000 stitches, is crafted with rare vicuna wool, and costs over $34,000.
One suit can take eight days to make, and some are even studded with diamond chips.
Prakash Parmar
Prakash Parmar
So why is a suit -- and particularly such an expensive suit -- so important?
"It's all about the power statement," Prakash explains. "I walk into any place with my jacket on and people look at me differently."
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