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The United Kingdom hasn’t had the sunniest of summers, but that didn’t stop Banksy from dropping by seaside towns and leaving his mark.

In a video clip posted to Instagram, the enigmatic street artist confirmed he is responsible for several artworks that have recently appeared in British coastal communities.

A woman takes a photograph of a stensil of a child digging in the sand, the subject of a graffiti artwork bearing the hallmarks of street artist Banksy on a wall in Lowestoft on the East Coast of England on August 8, 2021.

The video titled “A Great British Spraycation” shows Banksy – his identity hidden, as usual – touring several towns in a cream-colored aging camper van, armed with a cooler of paint cans. We briefly see him working on a few murals, and adding a couple of comical touches to a statue.

One of the murals depicts a hermit crab guarding three empty shells, holding up a sign that reads “Luxury rentals only” to three petitioning shell-less crabs. In another mural by a beach, we see a rat relaxing in a deck chair raising a martini glass.

We also hear from a few passers-by.

“That looks a lot like mindless vandalism,” says a woman after seeing a mural that depicts a child handling a crowbar with a sandcastle in front of them.

Street art which has appeared on a wall in Nicholas Everitt Park, new work by street artist Banksy, in Lowestoft, England, Saturday, Aug. 7, 2021.

Earlier this year, Banksy’s “Game Changer” painting honoring UK healthcare workers set a record for the artist, selling for $23.1 million at Christie’s in London.

CNN’s Jacqui Palumbo contributed to this report.