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For Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves of London-based multidisciplinary practice Studio Swine, cultural immersion is essential to their creative process.

“We’re really interested in the idea of vernacular design, something that’s very local and is a product of the area, so when we travel to a new city, we like taking walks, looking around the city – gathering inspirations to feed back into the kinds of thing that we’re doing,” said Murakami.

The duo took CNN Style on one of their exploratory walks earlier this month, as they prepared to unveil a restaging of their “New Spring” installation, designed in collaboration with fashion brand COS.

The artificial tree, first displayed in Milan in April, produces delicate, mist-filled bubbles. In Miami, it was erected inside of the all-white interior of Temple House, a historic Art Deco property designed by Lawrence Murray Dixon. The bubbles were scented with peppery hardwood, recalling the tree-lined avenues of traditional Miami avenues, and tobacco, a nod to the city’s Cuban influence, among other locally inspired fragrances.

"New Spring" by Studio Swine and COS in Miami

“Regional identity kind of comes through design, and it can enhance a real sense of place. So here in Miami, you’ve got Art Deco – which is obviously a French style – but it becomes unique here because of the particular materials that are chosen, the color palette, which gets washed out and desaturated by years of sun,” Groves said.

“Something that sets Miami apart from other major cities is there is a sense of playfulness and informality, which is actually really rich creatively.”

Watch the video above to see Miami through the eyes of Studio Swine.