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Plastic USE

Are you eating plastic?

Each year we produce nearly 300 million tons of plastic and by 2050 there will be more of it than fish in our oceans. Here are five things you can do to help reduce your plastic use.

What is Beauty?

Our perception of beauty has changed throughout history, leaving women in constant pursuit of the ideal. Animation by Anna Ginsburg.
freedom project yazidi slaves orig animation_00001030.jpg

Yazidi women forced into slavery

The CNN Freedom Project looks at the plight of Yazidi women held captive by ISIS. Animation by Anastasia Beltyukova and Andy DeVries.


Colorscope series (10)

Think pink!

We explore the cultural connotations of the color pink, through rose-tinted glasses. Animation by Giant Ant.


    Colorscope series (10)


Econundrum series 

    Why do green spaces matter?

    How can I save the oceans from plastic?

    The cost of one day on Earth

    How can I stop extinction?

    Why should I eat less meat?

    What's the best use of my energy?

    Should I drink bottled water?

    How do I keep cool?

    How can I use less water?

    How do I use palm oil responsibly?

    How do I use renewables at home?

    Is it safe to exercise in a polluted city?