• Lies, cover-ups ... and death

    Drew Griffin, Scott Bronstein and Nelli Black, CNN
    It began with secret texts to untraceable phones. Meetings took place in seedy bars, dark alleys, gas stations. Actual documents came in packages without notes, without return addresses.
  • In 1932, 10,000 World War I veterans, many unemployed, protest over pay.

    The VA's troubled history

    Michael Pearson, CNN
    Scandal, controversy and veterans care in the United States have gone hand-in-hand for virtually as long as there's been a republic.

    About this Investigation

  • Reporting the scandal

    CNN was the first to uncover delays in care at VA hospitals across the country, with a ground-breaking investigation that began in the fall of 2013. CNN Investigations spent six months talking to sources, checking reports and calling for answers from officials before breaking the news.