Travel with Pride 

    Our team 

    • Evan Bretos - Creator

      This platform is a tribute to those who have fought, and continue to fight for LGBTQIA+ civil rights. Accurate representation matters, and I hope the personal stories we're telling inspire all queer people to tell their story, be visible and be PROUD!
    • Allison Brown - Development Lead

      It is inspiring to tell stories that celebrate people who -- though their pride - have broken down barriers to make the world a more equal and fair place - from past activists like Marsha P. Johnson to the changemakers of today like Laila and Logan Ireland.
    • Chris James - Video Producer

      As a gay man, it's been a privilege getting to travel around the country to interview inspiring and incredibly strong LGBTQ Americans from vastly different walks of life. I am thrilled about how far we've come as a country in the 50 years since Stonewall, yet am also deeply aware of how far we still have yet to go in achieving true equality for all.
    • Emily Smith - Lead Editor

      It's been an honor to work on this series for CNN. The breadth of the work highlights CNN's mission to tell important stories like the ones we've highlighted with this project.
    • Jeesoo Park - Sr. Video Producer

      It's important to remember the fight for progress isn't over, and many who have been silenced still remain voiceless. I'm proud to work on a series featuring characters who are realizing the power of their history, their choices, and their stories.
    • Justine Quart - Producer

      I'm honored to have worked on this nuanced project and help shine a light on diverse voices from the LGBTQ community. I hope that through our reporting, viewers will gain a new perspective on the struggle for equality and recognition.
    • Alice Yu - Video Producer

      Pride and Progress would have been an unimaginable project for my younger self. It has been a true privilege to capture and tell the stories of brave individuals owning who they are despite the circumstances. This is for those who are still voiceless, to try keeping hope and love alive.
    • Erica Hernandez - Programming Producer

      Helping to shape and share CNN's coverage of this historic moment is a privilege I feel imminently lucky to have so early into my career at CNN. Supporting my loved ones and people around the world in the fight for equality is an unmatched honor.
    • Isabela Quintero - Video Producer

      This project was an opportunity to shine a light on individuals, past and present, who haven't always been included in the media's coverage around pride. It's incredibly important to me that members of the lgbt+ community will have a chance to see themselves on screen in a way they haven't been able to before.