• 1 House of the Century by Ant Farm (Lord, Jost, Michels)  1973, Angleton Texas.     Copyright Ant Farm  courtesy Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archives..jpeg

    Designs from the space age

    Andrea Lo, CNN
    Imagine hanging out inside a PVC bubble, moving to a town made up of construction cranes, or living in a house built with metal mesh. These are the kinds of futuristic architectural designs dreamed up during the 1960s and 1970s: a period when politics, pop culture and technology collided to spawn a new era of radical creativity in architecture.
  • The Presidential Palace of Vietnam, once home to French Governor-General of Indochina, is today used for state receptions and to welcome foreign heads of state.

    Hanoi's historic buildings are under threat

    Bennett Murray and Bac Pham, CNN
    A walk near Hanoi's Hoan Kiem Lake reveals the city's distinctly Francophile architectural legacy. An old mansion that once belonged to the Governor of Tonkin, a former French protectorate, is now a government guesthouse for foreign dignitaries. The nearby Metropole Hotel, built in 1901, also maintains much of its historic appeal despite the modernized facilities.