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Brianna Keilar

    Brianna Keilar

    My hope is to create a forum where the stories of military families will reach a large audience and where we can reveal the common ground between people on either side of the military-civilian divide in the service of our society and democracy.
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    / hōm-frənt / · noun

    The people who stay in a country and work while that nation's soldiers are fighting a war in a foreign country.

  • Bashir Jahan, a 22 year Navy veteran, has been a stay-at-home dad for almost six years now, caring for his three children. His wife is an active duty naval surface warfare officer.

    When mom deploys

    Analysis by Brianna Keilar, CNN Anchor
    Linda Albi looks at her phone, trying to make out her daughter's face as she tilts the screen toward her 2-year-old grandson, Michael, as he sits in her lap. The sun still isn't up where Sarah is, but she's already putting on her flight suit. Michael watches his mommy as she sings to him softly so she won't disturb her flight crew as she gets ready to walk across the tarmac to her plane.