Landscapes of cape winelands and vinyards in the western cape (Photo by: Hoberman/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

I can't believe my roses may bloom again

By Raymond Joseph
After three years of one of the worst droughts in living memory, the rains have finally arrived in Cape Town, lifting spirits and leaving residents feeling as if a great weight has been lifted from our shoulders.

How to survive a drought: Watch 'water porn'

By Raymond Joseph
Ever since I learned that Cape Town could become the first major city to run out of water, I've found myself becoming increasingly hooked on porn. "Water porn" that is.
Raymond Joseph's rose bush is dead, a casualty of Cape Town's ongoing water crisis.

What killed my decades-old rose bush

By Raymond Joseph
By now, residents of Cape Town have grown used to living with the extreme drought that has the city by the throat -- but every now and then something happens that makes the reality of what we are facing very personal. For me, such a moment came last week when a decades-old rose bush in my garden literally keeled over dead, a victim of the drought.
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