• Physically, but not socially distant: How to reach out in the time of Covid

    By Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Amanda Sealy, CNN
    "Social distance." It's a phrase that's become a mantra of the pandemic. We see the signs everywhere telling us to stay six feet apart, emphasizing the need for physical separation. While this is an important message to help keep us all safe, the phrase has it all wrong. We don't need to be socially distant. Physically apart, yes, but that social connection is exactly what we all need during this pandemic.
          • Lual Mayen is the founder and CEO of Junub Games.

            How this man is using video games to help refugees

            By Ryan Bergeron, CNN
            Lual Mayen's home work station is something akin to what you might see in a TV control room or a NASA command center. Surrounded by computer monitors, laptops and tablets, Mayen is putting the finishing touches on a video game that he's been thinking about for years.