• Mata's story

    Jessica and Adam Davis had four children of their own when they decided they wanted to adopt a child from overseas. They believed that adopting an orphan in a desperate situation was a way of making something good happen in a difficult world.
    An Ohio-based adoption agency, European Adoption Consultants, introduced them to a Ugandan girl named Namata, or Mata for short. The agency said that her father had died and that her mother neglected her and couldn't afford to feed her. The Davises traveled to Mata's village and brought her back to the States.
    Jessica Davis had a gut feeling that something was amiss about the story the agency told them about Mata. And as Mata's command of English improved, she spoke glowingly about her mother -- how they cooked together, how they went to church together, and how her mother walked with her to school.
    But it was a Skype conversation last year that changed everything -- for the Davises, Mata and her birth mother -- and would lead to a CNN investigation into their journey to discover the truth about Mata's adoption.
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    The Davises had four children when they adopted Mata.

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    Mata bonded with the family, enjoying snow and games of tag.

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    Mata became fast friends with Abby, the youngest.

  • But a Skype conversation changed everything.


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    How to help

    The families featured in our story worked with Keren Riley of Reunite to help reunite their adopted children with their birth mothers. Riley, a UK citizen living in Uganda since 2010, established the grass-roots organization to help provide services to children without parental care and to help children who have been trafficked or otherwise lost in the system reunite with their Ugandan families.
    Riley has set up a GoFundMe page where she is accepting donations.