Fareed Zakaria GPS: 2020 video clip archive

  • exp GPS 1213 Afeyan on Covid vaccines_00011529.png

    On GPS: Moderna's Chairman

    Fareed sits down with Noubar Afeyan to break down the revolutionary mRNA technology that underpins both Pfizer and Moderna's Covid-19 vaccines.
  • exp gps 1213 jim golby secretary of defense civilian military_00003107.png

    On GPS: Why civilians run the Pentagon

    The University of Texas, Austin's Jim Golby joins Fareed to look back at why generals have historically been kept away from serving as Secretary of Defense.
  • exp gps 1206 bergman esfandiary indyk iran assassination_00000617.png

    On GPS: An assassination in Tehran

    Fareed is joined by an all-star panel to discuss the implications of the killing of an Iranian nuclear scientist, which was likely carried out by Israel.
  • exp gps 1129 fareed's take_00005416.png

    Fareed's Take: How do minorities vote?

    Fareed: It's a mistake to lump all minority groups together. U.S. politicians should take note that each minority group has distinct political priorities.