• On GPS: "Mr. Brexit" on Britain's Future

    Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage tells Fareed that he has no doubt that Brexit will happen at the end of January. He does worry however, whether it will be Brexit in name only, or something meaningful.
  • exp GPS 1208 Beddoes and Campbell on UK vs US elections_00011030.jpg

    On GPS: Britain's unenviable election

    Economist Editor-in-Chief Zanny Minton Beddoes and political strategist Alastair Campbell lay out how the UK found itself in its present predicament.
  • exp GPS 1208 Bahari on current state of Iran_00000014.jpg

    On GPS: What is happening in Iran?

    Maziar Bahari, Editor for IranWire, tells Fareed that Iran is in a state of siege and many people want a regime change after witnessing brutal violence.