• 'Fantastic Beasts' unleashes a so-so Harry Potter spinoff

    "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" turns out to be a hyperbolic name for a pretty so-so movie -- one with entertaining passages, but which mostly feels like a big-budget prequel to the better, more cohesive film that's yet to come.
  • Amy Adams stars in 'Nocturnal Animals' directed by Tom Ford

    Tom Ford's 'Nocturnal Animals' brings dark twists to a multi-tiered tale

    From its provocative opening images, "Nocturnal Animals" feels as much about tone and mood as story -- perhaps no surprise, given that it's the second film from designer turned writer-director Tom Ford. While the movie sustains interest by weaving together familiar elements in an enticing way, the noir-ish journey proves more satisfying than the payoff.
  • Casey Affleck stars as an uncle who takes in his teenage nephew after the boy's father dies in "Manchester by the Sea."

    'Manchester by the Sea' sails along as melancholy gem

    Kenneth Lonergan has earned a reputation for finely drawn character studies, and the writer-director outdoes himself with "Manchester by the Sea." Featuring Casey Affleck in an Oscar-caliber performance, it's a deeply affecting little gem of a film, which should gently sweep filmgoers up in its melancholy tides.