• business traveller nigeria c_00034604.jpg

    Nigerian hospitality

    CNN Business Traveller returns to Nigeria for the first time in ten years and explores the country's approach to hospitality
  • in 24 hours montreal taffy_00014619.jpg

    Nature's natural sweetener

    On his whistle-stop tour of Montreal, CNN's James Williams learns how maple syrup is tapped from maple trees and how Chef Martin Picard uses this syrup.
  • in 24 hours bangkok c_00002214.jpg

    The view from Bangkok

    CNN's James Williams concludes his 24 hours in the Thai capital with a drink at the Moon Bar, the rooftop terrace famed for its stunning views.
  • Healthy Traveler - Sleep Tips_00002801.jpg

    Better sleep while you travel

    Dr. Ken Redcross shares his simple tips for staying rested on the road so you can be ready for whatever you encounter during your travels.