• Why journalists like Trump's Twitter habit

    The president says the media "hates" his use of Twitter, but Kaitlan Collins disagrees. "We've never had access to the president's emotional state like we do with Donald Trump," she says. His tweets are a problem for aides and lawyers, though, she adds.
  • Inside Boxed warehouse: Not humans vs. robots

    When Boxed made the decision to automate its New Jersey fulfillment center, CEO Chieh Huang wanted to be sure that there was still room for humans on the floor. But how long will those jobs last?
  • gbs paranormal investigator_00031322.jpg

    Ghosts are no match for this paranormal detective

    For the past two decades, Joe Nickell, a former stage magician and detective, has used hard science to challenge paranormal experiences and other fringe pseudo-scientific claims. UFO sightings, aliens, ghosts, Bigfoot, lake monsters: these are but a few of the myths that Nickell debunks for a living. As he knows all too well, "the truth ... is out there."
  • Meet the man who invented the emoji

    Emojis have become, without a doubt, a design classic. But how effective are they as a communication tool? We ask emoji inventor Shigetaka Kurita.
  • supercharged champagne cocktails nelson piquet jr monaco spc_00035128.jpg

    Champagne supernova

    Nicki Shields gets a taste of the Monaco lifestyle, learning to make champagne cocktails with driver Nelson Piquet Jr.
  • Philippine Tarsier Foundation_00004402.jpg

    Meet the Philippine tarsier

    This curious-looking creature is one of the world's smallest primates. An endangered species, tarsiers are being protected in their native Philippines.
  • Putin Piano

    Putin's hidden talent

    While in Beijing for the "Belt and Road" economic forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin spontaneously played two Russian songs on the piano.
  • The Comey firing and its fallout_00000224.jpg

    The Comey firing and its fallout

    Reporters from the Journal, Post and Times discuss their reporting on Trump's controversial firing of FBI director Comey and who might succeed him.
  • How Emmanuel Macron won the French presidency

    Emmanuel Macron will become France's next president, according to exit estimates compiled by Elabe for CNN's French affiliate BFM. CNN's Melissa Bell explains how he achieved that.
  • Opioids create generation of American orphans

    The heroin and opioid epidemic over the last decade has increased the number of children orphaned and/or essentially abandoned by their parents. Deborah Feyerick reports from one of the hardest-hit states: Kentucky.
  • Mostly Human: Silicon Valley's Secret

    Where engineers are the new heroes and startup founders are celebrities, there's a dark secret that people don't want to talk about. Watch the rest of the episodes on CNNgo via Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.
  • Can you fall in love with a robot?

    Maya Dangerfield
    Could your next significant other be a robot? CNN Tech's Laurie Segall, host of "Mostly Human" explains what's really going on.
  • Mostly Human: I Love You, Bot

    Sex and tech get complicated: life-size dolls built with artificial intelligence to really get to know you, assault in the virtual world and an engagement party for a woman and the robot she's madly in love with. Watch the rest of the episodes on CNNgo via Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.
  • Mostly Human: Dead, IRL

    Using thousands of texts, tweets, public Facebook posts, a woman creates a digital version of her best friend -- after he died. Watch the rest of the episodes on CNNgo via Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.