10 ideas to change the world

    Bold ideas are the lifeblood of our progress as a culture. Here are 10 emerging ideas with big potential to change the world: to make us healthier, to conserve natural resources, to bring more transparency to police work. We think they're worth pondering.
  • Should cops wear cameras?

    By Brandon Griggs, CNN
    The fatal shooting of Michael Brown has boosted calls for police officers to wear video cameras that document all interactions with civilians.
  • Computers that know what we want

    By Heather Kelly, CNN
    The nascent field of "predictive tech" is producing digital tools smart enough to fetch information for you -- before you realize you even need it.
  • 'New power' > old power

    By Brandon Griggs, CNN
    A form of tech-aided "new power" is emerging, one with the potential to mobilize millions and upend venerable institutions.
  • Planting a giant crowdfunded flag

    By Flora Zhang, CNN
    A giant flag planned for a remote patch of desert in South Africa could power homes, create jobs and be visible from space.
  • We need to rethink dying

    By Doug Gross, CNN
    Instead of trying to sell aging patients on expensive, invasive and often futile treatments, doctors should help people live their final days more fully.
  • Our guts hold clues to our health

    By Heather Kelly, CNN
    Bacteria and microbes in the human body are getting a fresh look from scientists who think they hold clues to physical and mental health.
  • Here comes the terabyte phone

    By Todd Leopold, CNN
    A breakthrough in digital-memory technology could let us store vast amounts of data on our phones.