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FAQs about Live TV 

  • Why do I need to sign in with my TV service provider information?

    Your TV subscription that includes CNN is your key to watching CNN TV online. When you sign in through your TV service provider, you confirm your CNN TV subscription.

    Who has access?

    TV Everywhere is accessible by viewers in the United States who are current subscribers to a partner cable or satellite TV service and have CNN as part of their channel package.

    Where do I get my login name and password?

    Please contact your TV service provider directly for this information. Tip: for many providers, you can use the same login name and password you use to log onto the provider's website.

    What if my TV service provider is not listed?

    Live TV is available only through participating TV service providers. We are always partnering with new providers. Contact yours for more information and check back again soon.

    How much does it cost?

    There is no additional cost.

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