Episode 1: 'Hope' 

  • 'Hope' trailer

    Hope and her family and friends were preparing for her funeral when they discover a shocking secret.

Episode 2: 'Strange Case of Dr. Gilmer' 

Episode 3: 'Into Madness' 

  • 'Into Madness' trailer

    Two girls began having strange physical symptoms... then their personalities changed. What could this mysterious illness be?

Episode 4: 'Disease Detectives' 

Episode 5: 'Family Curse' 

  • 'Family Curse' trailer

    Three families suffer from a mysterious illness that causes an insomnia so extreme that it eventually causes death.

Episode 6: 'Angel of Death' 

  • 'Angel of Death' trailer

    When several patients die mysteriously at hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, authorities begin to investigate. 'Something's Killing Me' airs Sunday, September 24 at 9PM ET/PT on HLN.

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