Comment: #Wheresthememo_00003216.jpg

Comment: #Wheresthememo

By blocking the release of the Democratic response to the Nunes Memo, Trump is confusing the public instead of allowing nonpartisan transparency.
Comment: Trading places_00010901.jpg

Comment: Trading places

Both parties have been reversing positions on many major issues - yet voters don't seem to care.
A radical picture of Obama?_00001327.jpg

Comment: A radical picture of Obama?

A 2005 photo recently surfaced of then-Senator Obama with minister Louis Farrakhan that might have - wrongly - labeled him a radical and derailed him.
My Super Bowl ambivalence_00000904.jpg

My Super Bowl ambivalence

While excited that his Eagles are in the Super Bowl, Smerconish feels conflicted about enjoying it as we learn more about the consequences of the brutal game.
Comment: I couldn't have pitched this_00050011.jpg

Comment: I couldn't have pitched this

Smerconish wrote an outlandish satire about US politics several years ago and Hollywood decided it was too far-fetched to be believed. Then came Trump.
Comment: I blame them all_00001209.jpg

Comment: I blame them all

Smerconish says the government shutdown is because of the political dysfunction across party lines - which has turned America into a 'shithole nation'.
Comment: Base behavior_00004907.jpg

Comment: Base behavior

The President he knew what he was doing when he said 'shithole countries' - pleasing his base. But it's not just unacceptable -- it's factually incorrect.
Comment: Indefensible_00001128.jpg

Comment: Indefensible

Smerconish says Trump knew his comment would be reported, and was intentionally pleasing his base.
Comment: On the mental fitness issue_00003213.jpg

Comment: On the mental fitness issue

On the morning the President tweeted he was 'very stable genius,' Smerconish explains why he's troubled by those who ignore the Goldwater Rule and analyze Trump.
Comment: This cannot be the new normal_00032322.jpg

Comment: This cannot be the new normal

The President's remarks at the FBI graduation - and the audience's reaction - reveal a troubling partisanship about intel and law enforcement communities.
Comment: Thrush to judgement? _00004219.jpg

Comment: Thrush to judgement?

Is the NYTimes suspension of reporter Glenn Thrush for "bad judgment" regarding young women an over-reaction due to the groundswell against male misbehavior?
Comment: the right to be left alone_00020721.jpg

Comment: the right to be left alone

Amidst the daily allegations of sexual harassment, we're in the middle of a civil rights revolution - the right of a woman to be left alone.
Comment: If Trump believes Putin..._00002127.jpg

Comment: If Trump believes Putin...

If President Trump believes Vladimir Putin's claim Russia didn't meddle in the 2016 election, here's a partial list of who Trump is choosing not to believe.
Comment: Moore partisan bickering_00002825.jpg

Comment: Moore partisan bickering

After accusation of sexual assault, Senatorial candidate Roy Moore was convicted by the left and defended by the right. But how can we decide the truth?
Comment: Listen to facts, not noise_00025625.jpg

Comment: Listen to facts, not noise

The Russian probe has shifted from partisan bickering to legal case, and the outcome will be determined by critical thinking and the rules of evidence.
Comment: My debate v. Penn students_00015019.jpg

Comment: My debate v. Penn students

This week Smerconish was invited to the University of Pennsylvania to debate whether media "loudmouths" are to blame for growing political polarization.
Comment: the Facebook meddle_00025316.jpg

Comment: the Facebook meddle

Facebook's Russian-paid ads and fake profiles that promoted Trump's campaign bely the President's ongoing claim that the Russian meddle is a hoax..
Comment: News not lost in the storm _00003217.jpg

Comment: News not lost in the storm

Under the cover of hurricane Harvey, the White House dispensed a lot of troublesome news. But Smerconish says the timing won't lessen the impact.
Comment: Trump is not the problem_00024023.jpg

Comment: Trump is not the problem

Smerconish says that despite the efforts to repeal and replace the President, Trump leaving office would not heal the divide in America that he championed.
Comment: Trump's own 'Fire and fury'_00002311.jpg

Comment: Trump's own 'Fire and fury'

Smerconish believed President Trump's amped-up rhetoric about North Korea must have reflected a plan. Then he found out, no, it had been improvised.
Comment: Trump's good decision_00022025.jpg

Comment: Trump's good decision

Amidst a week of turmoil, Smerconish says, one good decision Trump made got overlooked -- the selection of Jon Huntsman as Ambassador to Russia.
Comment: Trump's unshakeable base_00021326.jpg

Comment: Trump's unshakeable base

Smerconish learned from his radio callers that no matter what the Trump Jr. emails reveal about meeting with a Russian, Trump's base remains unshakeable
Comment: Combating 'The Ugly American'_00005324.jpg

Comment: Combating 'The Ugly American'

Smerconish is on best behavior when traveling overseas to best represent the U.S., but feels his recent efforts being undermined by his President's actions.

Comment: The rush to re-try Cosby

Prosecutor Kevin Steele says he'll retry the case agaisnt Bill Cosby. But as jurors saying there's not enough evidence to convict, is he rushing to judgement?
Clinton's no-win blame game_00000414.jpg

Comment: Clinton's no-win blame game

Hillary Clinton's ongoing refusal to truly accept responsibility for her loss reminds Smerconish of a quote his father used to have on his office wall.
My Cosby interview_00031314.jpg

What my Cosby interview revealed

On the eve of Cosby's assault trial starting, Smerconish got the first interview in two years with the comedian, who revealed some of his defense tactics.
The Boycott Factor_00011918.jpg

Commentary: The Boycott Factor

If the O'Reilly advertiser boycott forces the network to replace its anchor, does it set a bad precedent about control of content?
Did Trump libel Obama?_00003121.jpg

Did Trump libel Obama?

Smerconish wonders if President Obama could win a libel case against President Trump for his unproven tweets accusing Obama of wiretapping him.
Farewell, Coach_00011421.jpg

Farewell, Coach

Smerconish remembers the career of his legendary 4-time state champion HS football coach, Mike Pettine Sr, and the life lessons Pettine imparted to players
'New' Trump short-lived_00020127.jpg

Commentary: 'New' Trump short-lived

After being repeatedly wrong about Trump, Smerconish correctly predicted the President would be softer in his first major address - but the tone didn't last
What is 'fair' media to Trump?_00013303.jpg

What is 'fair' media to Trump?

Smerconish, who the President recently called 'fair,' questions Trump's attacks on the media and leaks instead of addressing the troubling facts uncovered
Smerconish: My reply to Rush_00030629.jpg

Smerconish: My reply to Rush

Rush Limbaugh attacked Smerconish's claim that Trump's victory was due to the power of conservative talk radio. Smerconish replies, with mega-dittos.
Commentary: The Tweeter-in-Chief_00020123.jpg

Commentary: The Tweeter-in-Chief

The President has been launching many early morning, pre-emptive Twitter strikes trying to shape - and distract - the national dialogue. Is he succeeding?
Commentary: End the Ban_00003017.jpg

Commentary: End the Ban

Smerconish tells President Trump to use the legal quagmire caused by his refugee travel ban to cancel the policy which has been damaging his administration.
Commentary: Trump still campaigning_00003125.jpg

Commentary: Trump still campaigning

Trump's inaugural should have reached across the aisle, and all congressmen should have attended. Instead the campaign is still dividing America.
Bursting my bubble_00002011.jpg

Bursting my bubble

Despite Smerconish's working-class origins, the 2016 election and his Christmas break reminded him he's living in a bubble. He resolves to try to burst it.
Proof in the Putin?_00010626.jpg

Proof in the Putin?

Smerconish found the intel report on the Russian election hack frustratingly shy on actual evidence, but when he said so on Twitter, it caused a furor.
Hamilton Vs. Pence_00002006.jpg

Hamilton Vs. Pence

After VP-elect Mike Pence saw Hamilton on Broadway, the cast addressed him about its fears of the Trump administration. Smerconish says wrong time & place.
A fresh start_00011227.jpg

A fresh start

Smerconish says America needs to let the campaign go and wait to see what kind of President Trump proves to be.
'We need to stop this'_00003230.jpg

'We need to stop this'

Smerconish pleads for the nation to end vitriolic partisan obstructionism, accept whatever the result of election day and move forward.
The Morning After_00003728.jpg

The Morning After

The real result of Election Day begins the day after. Smerconish makes some suggestions for the citizens and politicians for moving forward.
The Future of Fox News - and the GOP_00004711.jpg

The Future of Fox News - and the GOP

Does Megyn Kelly signal a new post-Ailes Fox News post-election day? Smerconish says if it can become truly fair and balanced it would make the GOP better
'Just Look at Her'_00005430.jpg

'Just Look at Her'

Of all the women accusing Trump of inappropriate behavior, 74 year old Jessica Leeds is unique - because she's actually age-appropriate to the candidate.
Trump's Own "Nasty Smear" _00005715.jpg

Trump's Own "Nasty Smear"

Smerconish parses the Trump campaign's statement on birtherism as a prime example of the candidate's "circuitous logic and outright fabrication."

New Silent Majority: Complacent Voters

Smerconish bucks the conventional wisdom that voters are angry and says the problem is complacency: many aren't voting and allowing extremists to dominate.
exp Talk Radio's grip on GOP_00002001.jpg

Talk radio's grip on the GOP

Why are Cruz and Trump succeeding in the GOP race? Michael Smerconish says it's due to the power wielded by extremist conservative talk radio hosts.
Smerconish: Why I'm registering GOP_00004301.jpg

Smerconish: Why I'm Re-joining the GOP

Michael Smerconish discusses his personal history with the GOP and becoming an independent, and why he's registering Republican to vote in the PA primary