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  • Lawmaker wounded at Jonestown massacre compares Trump to cult leader

    Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA), who was shot by members of the Peoples Temple during the 1978 Jonestown Massacre, says she sees similarities between cult leader Jim Jones and former President Donald Trump in the way they use their charisma to connect with disillusioned American and act as "merchants of deceit." Speier was shot five times on an airstrip in Guyana while accompanying a lawmaker to investigate the nearby cult.
  • Media companies try to 'hold on to old money while pursuing the new'

    Stories about Simone Biles, Scarlett Johansson, NBC, and Disney all have a common thread about pressure and profits and streaming possibilities, Brian Stelter says. He quotes a Washington Post story about media companies trying to "hold on to old money while pursuing the new."
  • Rep. Jackie Speier on Trump supporters and 'lost souls'

    Congresswoman Jackie Speier says some, though certainly not all, Trump supporters are "members of a cult." Speier, a survivor of the Jonestown massacre, talks about the factors that make people vulnerable to cult-like organizations.
  • Jared Holt on Trump's 'parallel media universe'

    Jared Holt says right-wing political content exists in "a parallel media universe" from other news coverage, "and the two lanes don't touch." In that parallel universe, some Americans truly believe that Trump "is still the president," Anne Applebaum says.
  • How MyPillow CEO's delusions endanger democracy

    Anne Applebaum talks about her recent profile of MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and his efforts to sow doubt about the 2020 election. While Lindell will fail to get Donald Trump reinstated, 'what he will help to do is loosen further American's sense that their democracy works, that their voter system is secure, that the people who observe and monitor their elections are honest," she says.
  • Local reporters face backlash for covering Covid surge

    Reporters Leada Gore in Alabama, Keisha Rowe in Mississippi, and Emily Woodruff in Louisiana talk about covering the pandemic in some of America's least-vaccinated areas. "I could have a story that shows you we added a thousand cases and I will receive 20 e-mails saying that the numbers are made up," Gore says. Rowe says the resistance "makes me a little bit hungrier to get the information out there even more."
  • Gounder: 'Vaccines are how we learn to live' with Covid

    Dr. Celine Gounder warns that some health officials and news outlets have been "declaring 'mission accomplished' much too soon." Covid will be a fact of life for the foreseeable future: "We have to learn to live with it. And vaccines are how we learn to live with it."
  • Robby Soave on his own 'breakthrough' Covid case

    Dr. Celine Gounder says there is a faulty expectation that Covid vaccines should be "perfect" when that's "just not realistic." But they are highly effective, as Robby Soave says first-hand: He describes having a mild case of Covid after being vaccinated and says "I feel completely fine today" thanks to the vaccine.


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