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  • Cameras are barred from federal courts. Here's what we're not seeing

    Brian Stelter and Katelyn Polantz discuss the longstanding prohibition on broadcasting in federal courtrooms and how it impacts public perceptions of January 6 prosecutions. Some defendants in court are "disavowing what they did on January 6," then walking out of court and telling very different stories, Polantz says.
  • What the 'exhausted majority' wants: Calm and competency

    Most people "want individuals and institutions that are calm and competent," David French says, even though loud voices on the extremes distract from that fact. French also cautions against "herd mentalities" that end up hurting the media as well as politicians.
  • How would the press handle a Trump 2024 campaign?

    Brian Stelter asks ABC correspondent and "Betrayal" author Jonathan Karl about the prospect of covering a Trump 2024 campaign. It would be "an immense challenge because you're covering essentially an anti-democratic candidate. You're covering somebody running in a system that is trying to undermine that very system. And somebody who is going to be perpetually lying."
  • Zurawik: Murdoch should 'put his channel where his mouth is'

    Brian Stelter analyzes Rupert Murdoch's recent jab at Donald Trump and says it's unrealistic to expect Trump to let go of the 2020 election. David Zurawik argues that Murdoch is being hypocritical given Fox's own "disinformation" about the election.
  • Nikole Hannah-Jones reacts to '1619' curriculum bans

    "I think it is absolutely astounding that legislatures are banning the teaching of a work of journalism by name," Nikole Hannah-Jones says. "No matter how one feels about the '1619 Project,' we should all be very concerned and opposed to efforts by the state to restrict the teaching of ideas simply because politicians don't like them."
  • David French critiques media coverage of Rittenhouse case

    "Parts of the media dropped the ball on covering this case from the start," David French says. He says "there were media outlets who just did a disservice by not noting that Rittenhouse was running away" and "being pursued by the first person he shot very aggressively."


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