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  • The importance of 'low-information voters'

    Political scientists have been studying so-called "low-information voters" for decades. The term is not pejorative, Peter Hamby says, it's merely a reflection of the fact that "most people don't actually care about politics." Hamby and Jon Favreau says news junkies and campaign staffers need to keep this in mind.
  • What happens when a president can't handle the truth?

    An impeachment trial is what happens when a president can't handle the truth, and chooses to believe right-wing conspiracy theories, Brian Stelter says. He says journalists covering the trial should "start from the beginning" and tell the story "for an audience that might just now be tuning in."
  • Favreau and Hamby on the 'Twitter primary' problem

    "What everyone spends all day on Twitter and on cable talking about in these races, in politics, just is so divorced from the realities of peoples' lives," Jon Favreau says. "The more they see this silliness... the more disengaged they get from politics." Plus, Peter Hamby offers advice for how to cover politics differently.
  • Meet the man who tracks the Fox News-Trump feedback loop

    Matt Gertz, senior fellow at the progressive advocacy group Media Matters, has found hundreds of examples of Trump tweeting in direct response to something Trump saw on Fox News. Gertz says he wants to show how much Fox is "impacting the President of the United States and, through him, our daily lives."