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  • Ways to help rebuild local journalism

    "It's very important for everyone to understand that there's a real crisis in local journalism," Jennifer Preston says. The solution involves increased community support, through subscriptions and donations and other means. Preston talks about new structures for local papers, like non-profit status, and a donation program called
  • Medill dean: Time for a 'campaign of media literacy'

    Brian Stelter discusses the recent controversy involving The Daily Northwestern's decision to apologize for covering a campus protest. Charles Whitaker, dean of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, talks about the lessons learned, and calls for a "campaign of media literacy."
  • Lobbying for pardons on Fox News and Infowars

    Fox's Pete Hegseth succesfully pushed Trump to pardon service members accused of war crimes. Guests on Fox and Infowars are urging Trump to pardon Roger Stone. Brian Stelter talks about this trend with Nicole Hemmer, Abigail Tracy and Dan Rather.
  • Stelter: This is when Trump needs to have credibility

    Brian Stelter unpacks Trump's surprise visit to a military hospital for what the White House says was a "routine visit." Hopefully that's true and all is well, he says, but the White House "gives us new reasons to distrust it almost every day. So skepticism is not just understandable, it's not just acceptable, it is necessary." Abigail Tracy and Dan Rather also weigh in.
  • The Atlantic's new issue: 'How to Stop a Civil War'

    Jeffrey Goldberg, the top editor of The Atlantic, discusses the magazine's December issue, which is titled "How to Stop a Civil War." He says "something has gone off the rails" in America. "To acknowledge that is not to exacerbate it. To acknowledge it is to actually begin to deal with the underlying causes."
  • Canceled for criticizing Trump on the radio?

    Attorney and former 710 KNUS radio host Craig Silverman tells Brian Stelter about the station's decision to pull the plug on him. He says it's emblematic of a broader problem with right-wing radio: A crackdown on Trump dissenters. Silverman says he was "frustrated that we couldn't talk about the facts of the impeachment case" on the air.
  • Dan Rather: McConnell is part of the Trump 'cult'

    "Increasingly, President Trump's support seems cultish," legendary journalist Dan Rather says. It's all about him, it's not about the policy, it's not about standards of politics." Rather expresses doubt that Senate Republicans will break with Trump, so Brian Stelter asks him if Mitch McConnell is part of the "cult."
  • Here are pro Trump-media's defense tactics on impeachment

    Right-wing media personalities are calling the impeachment hearings "boring;" claiming no one is watching; and even attacking the witnesses. Nicole Hemmer says they're "relying on ad hominem because you can't do anything about the facts to counter them." Dan Rather and Abigail Tracy join the conversation.


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