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  • Glasser: This change at Fox is a very bad sign

    Brian Stelter and Susan Glasser discuss the resignations of Fox News contributors Steve Hayes and Jonah Goldberg. "The purging of the media ecosphere on the right creates even more potential for extremism," Glasser says.
  • Colorado anchor calls out GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert

    Kyle Clark, an anchor at KUSA in Denver, says the news media holds Rep. Lauren Boebert to a lower standard because she floods the zone with "disinformation and bigotry." Journalists need to think about how to handle it differently, he says, because "when we ignore the bigotry, we normalize the bigotry and we abandon our neighbors who are the targets of the bigotry."
  • So far, almost all Omicron news coverage is speculative

    News coverage about the new Covid variant needs to emphasize what we don't know, Brian Stelter says. So far, "this is a story that's based entirely on speculation," Dr. Jonathan Reiner says. "We will have data from really hardworking scientists over the next few weeks that will help inform how we can put this new variant into context."
  • Is Biden doing enough to shape his own story?

    "I think it's quite clear that Biden should be out in front of cameras more often," Magdi Semrau says. "He should do more town halls and he should be attaching his face to his agenda." But "it's still the media's job to tell the public what's in the" Build Back Better bill, she adds. Chris Arnade and Susan Glasser also join the conversation.
  • Cameras are barred from federal courts. Here's what we're not seeing

    Brian Stelter and Katelyn Polantz discuss the longstanding prohibition on broadcasting in federal courtrooms and how it impacts public perceptions of January 6 prosecutions. Some defendants in court are "disavowing what they did on January 6," then walking out of court and telling very different stories, Polantz says.


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