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  • Many Fox viewers changed the channel during John Lewis funeral

    Brian Stelter says ratings charts showed a precipitous decline in Fox News viewership when the network covered the funeral for Rep. John Lewis. Stelter suggests this is connected to Fox's demonization of Democrats. "We talk about a polarized America," Errol Louis says, and "this is your proof positive."
  • James Murdoch breaks with family's media empire

    Errol Louis discusses James Murdoch's resignation from the board of News Corporation, which was partly driven by editorial disagreements. Earlier this year Murdoch spoke out about climate change denialism in news coverage of Australian wildfires.
  • Why was Homeland Security collecting 'intel' on journalists?

    Susan Glasser reacts to the news that the Department of Homeland Security compiled "intelligence reports" on two journalists. She predicts that "we're going to find a lot more examples when the history of this administration is ultimately written."
  • Stelter: Pandemic disinformation is wasting precious time

    Brian Stelter says pro-Trump outlets are still plugging hydroxychloroquine as a Covid-19 treatment, even as the government's experts warn against it. He says these attempts to make Trump look good are time-wasters for the press and the public. Susan Glasser says "it's very important to cover this universe of misinformation and lies that is being foisted on the American people."
  • Campaign aide explains Biden's media strategy

    "Since March 1, Vice President Biden has done nearly 100 interviews with every network, including Fox News, with cable, with local media," national press secretary TJ Ducklo says, in response to Brian Stelter's questions about Biden's availability. Ducklo says President Trump has been ducking news outlets like CNN.
  • How the AP is prepping to cover 'election week' in 2020

    Sally Buzbee, executive editor of the Associated Press, tells Brian Stelter that the AP is preparing for the vote-counting to go "beyond election night." She says "we are completely non-partisan, and what we do is we report the facts, and that is why people can trust us."
  • How news outlets can empower voters in 2020

    "Baseless voter fraud claims" are causing a lot of confusion, "Thank You For Voting" author Erin Geiger Smith says. "We have to do our jobs and let the voters know about the part they can actually control, which is voting. We really need to educate on how vote-by-mail works and what the voter can do to make sure their own vote counts. It's not the sexy part. It's the brass tacks part." Susan Glasser and Rick Hasen also weigh in.


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