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  • Remnick: Cost of Trump's delays will be 'paid in human lives'

    David Remnick, the editor of The New Yorker, says Trump's "lies," narcissism, and "lack of empathy" has "led to disaster. Has led to delay. And this will be -- and I think history will prove this -- this will be something that's paid in human lives. And that's an enormous tragedy."
  • Hasan Minhaj on 'combating boredom' during shutdown

    Netflix host Hasan Minhaj says entertainers are "combating boredom" by creating videos and other new content for homebound fans. "It's just in us as performers, we gotta do something. I think we're just all taking it back to our open mic and improv roots, where we would do anything, anywhere," he says.
  • Scrutinizing why Fox parted ways with Trish Regan

    Fox Business dropped Trish Regan's talk show after she referred to the coronavirus as an "impeachment scam." While that was "irresponsible journalism," S.E. Cupp says she is "outraged" on Regan's behalf because other Fox hosts who made similar comments are still on the airwaves.
  • Is Amazon doing enough to protect workers and customers?

    Amazon's top spokesman Jay Carney tells Brian Stelter about how the company is addressing the coronavirus pandemic. Amid complaints from some warehouse employees, Carney says safety is the company's "first and primary concern." He also describes a daily meeting with CEO Jeff Bezos "brainstorming about what else we can do" to respond to the crisis.
  • Doctors, nurses are alerting the public through social media

    Emergency physician Dr. Esther Choo says rules restricting press access at hospitals should be revisited so that the public has a view inside virus-stricken ERs. "Some of this information is important for public health," she says. Plus, S.E. Cupp discusses the power of viral videos from doctors and nurses.
  • Front pages across USA report rising death toll

    Brian Stelter looks at the commonalities among newspapers across America "from Honolulu to Waterloo, Tuscaloosa to Chattanooga." He says front page stories show the rapid spread of Covid-19 and how communities are mobilizing in response. The front pages are focused on the heroism of health care workers, not comments made by politicians.


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