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  • Jeffrey Toobin: 'Repetition is not truth'

    CNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin discusses the lessons to be learned from his new book, "True Crimes and Misdemeanors," and the throughline of the Trump years: "the lying." He says "repetition is not truth, but repetition is how Donald Trump deals with inconvenient fact."
  • Newsrooms can barely keep up with the Covid-19 death toll

    Claire McNeill of The Tampa Bay Times talks with Brian Stelter about the newspaper's effort to every life lost to Covid-19 in Florida through moving "mini-obituaries." The paper has published roughly 300 so far, "and the death toll has already passed 8,000, so we have fewer than 4%," McNeill says. "It's just hard to watch the numbers pile up like this."
  • Stelter: Trump's executive orders seem like a 'media stunt'

    Brian Stelter says Trump generated big headlines for announcing much-needed economic help, but the actual details are underwhelming. Nicole Hemmer says "we've seen this again and again from the president... he makes these big, bold pronouncements and either doesn't follow through or you scratch the surface and you see there's no there, there and it really comes down to how journalists report on this."
  • Zurawik on Trump's reasons for cutting off questioning

    Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik discusses Trump's walk-off from a recent press conference: "He cannot accept being A) corrected, B) seeing a woman in authority dare to correct him, and so his answer is, 'I'm going to end the press conference.' It's a form of control."
  • 'We Have Her Back' group will call out sexist VP coverage

    Democratic women leaders are challenging the news media to leave out sexist stereotypes while covering Joe Biden's VP pick. Hilary Rosen, one of the organizers, describes "disappointing" coverage of the selection process. Errin Haines of The 19th also joins the conversation.
  • Biden-bashing fuels radio shows and Trump webcasts

    Brian Stelter calls out examples of extreme anti-Biden commentary from pro-Trump hosts. "It is so far out there now that it's frightening," David Zurawik says. Errin Haines points out that the Trump campaign is also "running a full blown campaign on social media" that focuses on Biden-bashing.
  • Right-wing radio is full of Covid-19 conspiracy talk

    Nicole Hemmer says right-wing talk radio stars are telling listeners that "Democrats and the liberal media are conspiring together" to make Covid-19 seem worse than it is in order to "take your freedoms and seize power." Hemmer says this bogus rhetoric is "the backbone of talk radio."


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