• Tim Schwarz is CNN International's Beijing Bureau Chief. A producer with 30 years experience, Schwarz has spent twenty five of those with CNN. Before taking up his current post he was based in Hong Kong as a senior field producer.

    He currently plays an important role in CNN's North Korea coverage and has visited that country more than thirty times since the 1990's. In 2017, Schwarz produced an exclusive report called 'Secret State: Inside North Korea'. The 60-minute documentary followed CNN cameras inside the secretive nation to places few outsiders have ever seen. It was the top rated cable news program (among adults aged 25-54) when it premiered in the United States.

    In the past several decades, Schwarz has covered almost every major story from the Asia Pacific region including typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, the Japanese tsunami of 2011, the disappearance of MH370, and the Sewol ferry disaster in South Korea. He was also a key producer on the war on terror, spending considerable time in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Schwarz began his television career in Hong Kong in 1986 at ITN before moving to CNN a few years later. He spent four years as a producer, video editor and sound technician in CNN's Beijing Bureau, before moving to back to Hong Kong.

    He has a close affiliation with China, first studying there in 1979 as part of his university degree and then working there on and off since 1985.

    He has a degree in Russian and Chinese Studies from the University of Leeds and completed Post Graduate studies at the Mongolian People's University. In addition to English, he speaks Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Russian and Mongolian.