• Stephanie Elam is a CNN correspondent based in the network's Los Angeles bureau.

    Since joining the western region, Elam has covered a wide range of stories. In 2018, Elam helmed CNN's coverage of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano as its eruption devoured much of the Leilani Estates subdivision on the Big Island. Arriving just hours after the eruption began, Elam documented the relentless flow of lava as it demolished everything in its path. She and her team were able to get images from within feet of an active fissure.

    Elam has covered numerous natural disasters for CNN -- from Hurricanes Matthew, Harvey and Irma in the Southeast; an EF5 tornado which killed 15 adults and nine children in Moore, Oklahoma; to several wildfires in the West, including the Thomas Fire which at the time, was the largest wildfire in California's history. Elam has also reported on the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquak