• Sonia Htoon is an Associate Producer for CNN Audio's Development Team where she helps develop podcasts from pitches to green light. She's works with hosts, production studios and composers to create CNN original podcasts and limited series. She started with CNN in September 2021 and is based in Los Angeles.

    Before joining CNN, Htoon came from an extensive audio background. She developed and produced over 400 episodes of What A Day from Crooked Media, covering everything from CATS The Movie to the 2019 Democratic Primaries. Prior to that, she worked on NPR's Morning Edition, producing segments for the daily broadcast, reporting with hosts and booking for the daily morning news podcast Up First. She began her journalism career interning for local stations like KCRW in Los Angeles and KSBY in San Luis Obispo.

    In 2020, Htoon's work helped What A Day win its first Webby Award. She also produced special episodes with original reporting, covering topics like Juneteenth and a military coup in Myanmar.

    Htoon graduated from the University of California - Santa Barbara with a double B.S. in English and Political Science. Follow her on Twitter @soniamayh.