• Scottie Andrew is an associate writer for CNN on the digital culture and trends team in Atlanta. She covers breaking news and enterprise, and is frequently working on visually-driven and interactive stories.

    Andrew finds new and interesting ways to break down what's happening in the world. At CNN, her reporting has tackled a wide range of issues, from a guide to protesters' rights during police brutality protests, to an explanation of why bulletproof backpack sales surged over 200% after two mass shootings occurred over one weekend.

    As one of the original writers at CNN to cover the coronavirus pandemic since early developments in January 2020, Andrew has been following the story through a cultural lens looking at everything from how to make a mask, to the psychological reasons why people refuse to wear a mask.

    Prior to joining CNN in 2019, Andrew wrote articles for publications including TIME and Women's Health Magazine. She served as a fellow for Newsweek in 2018 and has over 100 bylines spanning across health, the environment, and technology.

    Andrew holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Florida.