• Richa Naik is a digital video producer at CNN with a focus in business news. She covers technology, retail, disinformation, and the economy.

    Naik helped launch and was the lead producer of CNN Business's Risk Takers series. She has produced interviews with some of the biggest names in business including JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon, Google's Sundar Pichai, and Uber's Dara Khosrowshahi. Naik also covered the 2016 Presidential Election, shooting and producing videos about the intersection of politics and economy for swing state voters.

    Naik first joined the network in 2012 as a Production Assistant on CNN International's "Amanpour." She then joined the network's business news team and produced for CNN's Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans. Her work covering General Motors' ignition switch malfunction was nominated for an Emmy.

    Naik is a graduate of New York University and holds degrees in economics and politics.