• Pete Janos is the Vice President and West/Midwest Regional Bureau Chief for CNN. Janos oversees the editorial direction and day-to-day operations of the teams in Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, San Francisco and Mexico City.

    Janos joined CNN's Chicago bureau as a Producer/Editor in 1985, where he covered many major breaking news events such as the Challenger explosion, Presidential debates, 50th Anniversary of attack on Pearl Harbor, the Richard Nixon Funeral, and the first ever live broadcast from atop Mount Rushmore. In 1994 he was asked to Executive Produce CNN's coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial. After being on assignment in Los Angeles for over a year, he was offered the job of CNN Los Angeles Deputy Bureau Chief. In that role he handled many special events for the network including Presidential debates and conventions, Michael Jackson trial and the Cannes Film Festival.

    In 2003 Pete took over Bureau Chief duties for the Los Angeles bureau and shortly thereafter his responsibilities expanded to the entire West Coast. He oversaw all of CNN's entertainment newsgathering; from Oscars and Grammys to the Sundance film fest. He also executive produced numerous CNN documentaries spotlighting giants in the entertainment industry. In 2008 his responsibilities expanded further, adding the Mid-West Region and the Chicago bureau. Also, in 2008, Pete completed overseeing a multi-million dollar renovation and HD upgrade of the Los Angeles facility and newsroom.

    In 2009 Pete led a team of over 100 people in covering the death and funeral of Michael Jackson. In 2013, Pete Janos was promoted to Vice President and Regional Bureau Chief. That same year, Janos expanded CNN's West Coast presence by opening the network's Denver bureau. In 2017, he relocated and renovated a new studio and newsroom at the Chicago bureau. Currently Pete oversees newsgathering in 22 states from Illinois to Alaska.