• Neha Shastry is a producer with CNN Digital, producing long-form feature content for CNN's YouTube channel Beme News.

      Shastry's coverage focuses on how technology impacts our lives, and the growing implications and influence of tech companies in today's society. She has also produced pieces about the impact of psychedelic therapy, abortion access in the U.S., and how California's growing legal weed marijuana industry is impacting legacy farmers.

      Prior to joining CNN in 2017, Shastry produced episodes for Season 4 of CNN's acclaimed Original Series This is Life with Lisa Ling, and before that, she was a reporter for Vice News.

      Shastry has won a Dupont, an Ellie and two Front Page Awards for her work. She's also been nominated for an Emmy Award.

      Shastry grew up in Singapore, Indonesia and Washington DC, and received a master's degree in International Relations from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She is fluent in Spanish and Hindi.