Dirty Water: Danger from the Tap

It's not just Flint. Bad water is more widespread than you think. Aging infrastructure is leaving thousands of rural communities vulnerable to contamination with no fix in sight. CNN travels to two of them.

Dirty Water: Danger from the Tap preview

Video by Matt Gannon
For almost 10 years, a South Carolina couple saved jars of tap water worried there was something wrong with it. Now the EPA is investigating and the scientist who helped expose Flint's water crisis says they're not alone. Watch the complete documentary, "Dirty Water: Danger from the Tap," on CNNgo

Why this mother drives 25 miles to buy water

Lead, bacteria and other contaminants were found in this small Louisiana town's water that doesn't have the funds to fix its aging infrastructure. Watch the complete documentary, "Dirty Water: Danger from the Tap," on CNNgo

If coral reefs disappear, so will they

Coral reefs may not survive the century because of global warming. CNN columnist John Sutter travels to Madagascar, where a village depends on reefs for survival.

Refugees filling job gaps created by drugs

As the percentage of American workers testing positive for illegal drugs has climbed to its highest level in a decade, employers are turning to refugees to fill gaps in the labor market.
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The town that stood up to coal

CNN's John D. Sutter visits the Northern Cheyenne Indian reservation, which has become an island of intact prairie in a sea of coal mines.
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Is baby powder dangerous?​

Thousands of people in the U.S. have filed lawsuits claiming baby powder gave them cancer, but the scientific community is still unsure.
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Beneath the Skin

Horrific cuts cover her son's body after he's shot dead by Chicago police, and Cynthia Lane wants answers. A year-long investigation by CNN's Rosa Flores shows the truth is not always black and white.

The old man and the bee

Bees are critical for food pollination, but some of them are disappearing at an alarming rate. CNN columnist John Sutter investigates and meets a man on a quest to find a bee that may already be extinct.
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'it just never felt the same'

Tre Bosley lost his brother Terrell when he was mistakenly shot by a gang member while helping a friend take drums into a church.