• This is what's happening in 2018

    By Lacey Russell, CNN
    A royal wedding, US midterm elections and the Winter Olympics are just a few of the notable events taking place in 2018.
  • Dreamer or citizen: Can you tell?

    By Lacey Russell and Lindsay Benson, CNN
    College students Aldo Mendoza and Anthony Paz are best friends. They have similar lives -- school, work, hobbies.
    But while one has US citizenship, the other is is trying to hold onto his DACA status.
  • ferguson effect policing in america orig_00000927.jpg

    Ferguson affected us all, police say

    Police officers in cities across the country similar in size and racial makeup to Ferguson, Missouri, talk about how the Michael Brown case affected their jobs.
  • Yoga with cats

    Humans and felines have the opportunity to zen out together at Good Mews, a cat shelter in metro Atlanta.
  • Combating chemo with costumes

    A cancer patient at Northside Hospital in Alpharetta, GA copes with chemotherapy by wearing costumes and passing out flowers to others at her treatments.
  • Flesh-eating bacteria survivor Aimee Copeland rides her wheelchair down an Atlanta street with her service dog, Belle, on April 11, 2016.

    Life after flesh-eating bacteria

    Fleshing-eating bacteria survivor Aimee Copeland discusses the progress she's made since losing her arms and legs four years ago.