• Kylie Atwood joined CNN in January 2019 as a national security reporter. Atwood was previously the CBS News State Department reporter for the last two years. She focused her reporting on Secretary Pompeo and Secretary Tillerson which brought her to report from dozens of countries including Moscow, Manila, Beijing and Mexico City. On Pompeo's most recent trip to North Korea, Atwood was the sole pool reporter on the trip, allowing her to report on direct conversations with North Korean officials. Over the last few years she has broken news on multiple fronts including the current US-North Korea talks, the discussions between the Trump White House and Mexico and Tillerson's costly short-lived effort to overhaul the department. She also produced Tillerson's 60 Minutes interview in 2018 and reported on the Philippines drug war in 2017.

    Over the course of more than 6 years at CBS News, Atwood worked as Bob Schieffer's assistant and researcher, a campaign digital journalist in 2016, and most recently to the State Department reporter. She was a producer on the Emmy