• Justin Robertson is an award-winning news and feature photographer whose career has spanned over nearly two decades in both film and television. Based in Beijing for CNN since 2016, he has traveled to North Korea frequently, gaining rare access to senior officials as well as ordinary people and capturing life and changes in the reclusive country. His trips culminated in an hour-long documentary "Secret State: Inside North Korea," which debuted on CNN in September 2017.

    In addition to his regular reporting as a photojournalist throughout China, Robertson has often joined CNN teams across the globe to cover breaking news and major events, including the terrorist attacks in Brussels and Berlin, the Rio Olympics and the disappearance of flight MH 370. An enthusiast and pioneer in new technologies, he was behind several of CNN's successful drone videos and virtual reality (VR) projects.

    Before joining CNN, Robertson spent years in Asia and Hollywood, working for the BBC and other outlets on both documentary and feature films as well as a wide range of commercial television projects. His cinematography credits have included the critically acclaimed fantasy film "Holy Terrors," which was directed by Julian Butler and Mark Goodall and released in 2017.

    Robertson has also worked for the news divisions of NHK, Bloomberg and Reuters both in the field and in the studio. With an education in fine arts and cinematography, he began his career in his native United Kingdom in live sports before moving into television programming and comedy.