Is the U.S. government spying on me?

Both surveillance laws and the technology we use to communicate have changed over the decades. CNN Investigative Reporter Jose Pagliery explains the history of U.S. government surveillance and where we stand today.



  • Jose Pagliery is a reporter for CNN Investigates, based in New York City.

    His writing and on-camera work covers issues related to national security and crime. He focuses on hackers, firearms, and the darker side of technology. His first book, Bitcoin: And the Future of Money, explains the digital currency and its economic implications.

    Pagliery's award-winning reporting has taken him to Mexico's drug smuggling highways, Washington State's marijuana farms, and the strangest corners of the internet. His work appears across media platforms and includes video explainers and on-air appearances for CNN, CNN International, HLN and CNN en Español.

    He is an avid hunter of public records -- and frequently receives leaked documents from whistleblowers.

    At CNN, Pagliery has reported on critical failures in the nation's gun buying background check system. He acquired long-forgotten government records to show that Donald Trump's casino was once a money laundering concern and expose how the future president was a nightmare landlord in the 1980s. He has investigated how ISIS built a business empire of terror, the way tech companies are hindering criminal investigations, and how Major League Baseball uses human smuggling.

    Since 2016, Pagliery has also investigated Russian information warfare against the West, online trolls meddling in the US election, and the American companies used in these operations.

    Pagliery has previously been a journalist at CNNMoney, The Miami Herald, Atlanta-Journal Constitution, and South Florida's Daily Business Review. In 2011, he earned a Green Eyeshade Award, which recognizes the best journalism in the southeastern United States.


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