• Girls on the Bus

    During the 1972 election, Timothy Crouse penned "The Boys on the Bus" -- a book that introduced us to the gritty (mostly male) journalists on the campaign trail. Over four decades later, the daily grind of election may be the same, but the faces have certainly changed.
  • Hambycast

    "Hambycast" is an irreverent CNN Digital series that takes viewers to meet the players and places that drive politics.


  • Jeremy Moorhead is a producer for CNN Politics where he takes an artistic approach to capturing moments through photojournalism. Spearheading the development and production of the political video franchises, Moorhead was the co-creator of Hambycast, in addition to his work covering the 2016 campaign, politics in Washington, digital technology and breaking news.

    Moorhead first joined the network in 2003 and has brought a number of news stories to life through his award-winning video and photo reporting. His work includes covering breaking news from the DC Sniper case, to Hurricane Katrina, to The Gulf Oil Spill, in addition to supporting CNN's Emmy-winning coverage of numerous presidential and mid-term elections. Moorhead is also a recipient of multiple awards from the White House News Photographers Association and National Press Photographers Association.

    Prior to joining CNN, Moorhead was a photojournalist for local affiliates in Youngstown, Ohio and Baltimore, Maryland. A proud native of Youngstown, Ohio, Moorhead is a graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he studied film production.