• Jean Casarez is a correspondent for CNN covering a wide variety of stories for the network including legal and crime, investigation and breaking news. She is based in the network's New York bureau.

    Casarez broke the news to the country of 2017's mass Las Vegas shooting with her overnight reporting from the Vegas strip. She also covered the breaking news of New York's 2016 Chelsea bombing case, and has been the network's correspondent for the Larry Nassar sexual assault case and sentencing hearing, Bill Cosby's arrest, trial and conviction for indecent sexual assault, West Virginia's chemical water spill and O.J. Simpson's release from prison. She is currently involved in reporting the criminal case against Harvey Weinstein.

    Casarez found and pursued the case of a man who is in the midst of a 70 year prison sentence for breaking 13 bones of his infant son. From day one James Duncan proclaimed his innocence. Casarez took an in depth look at the evidence getting interviews with Duncan himself in prison and key players on both sides. Those interviews became a prime time documentary for CNN "Broken Bones...Shattered Lives."

    The court has now ordered for Duncan to have a hearing this fall to determine if his verdict should be overturned based on new