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    Maeve Reston takes viewers on the road in her digital video series #MaeveWest to explore politics in the western half of the United States.


  • Gabe Ramirez is a senior producer for CNN Politics, and has been with the network since 1999.

    A master of visual storytelling, Ramirez has a deep portfolio of work for both on-air production and CNN Digital. During his tenure at CNN as a multimedia photojournalist, Ramirez has chronicled everything from presidential elections to combat in Iraq to hurricanes and the rubble of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

    His reporting has taken him all over the world, reporting extensively in North America as well as throughout Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Haiti. Ramirez worked for CNN's Baghdad bureau from March 2003 when the war officially began through the summer of 2007 as a rotating embedded journalist.

    In addition to Ramirez's work as a photojournalist, editor and producer, he has contributed to several award-winning documentaries for the network including CNN Presents' Homicide in Hollenbeck, 1000 Days in Iraq, Latino In America, Latino In America 2 — In Her Corner, Race and Rage — The Beating of Rodney King, CNN Impact Your World — Rescuing Yousiff and the CNN Digital Studios Original Series, Street Food With Roy Choi.

    Ramirez attended The University of Texas at El Paso and is based at CNN's Los Angeles Bureau.