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MEMPHIS, TN - March 25, 2018: Rev. Jesse Jackson (left) and Andrew Young (right) visit the balcony at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis where they were standing with Dr. Martin Luther king jr. the day he was killed.

'A wound that remains raw'

By Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN
The agitator and the diplomat grip the railing on the second-floor balcony of the Lorraine Motel, the spot where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. fell dead from an assassin's bullet. For the first time in 50 years, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Ambassador Andrew Young, the last surviving members of King's entourage that day, return to the balcony where their friend and mentor died.
Maame Biney Speed Skater Winter Olympics 2018 orig mg_00022623.jpg

Olympian wants to win gold; she's already won hearts

By Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN
As Maame Biney laces up her skates for one of her last practices before heading to the Winter Olympics, her mind drifts to her upcoming 18th birthday -- and the prospect of her first cell phone.
"Dad says he's going to get me one," she says, her permagrin on full display.

'You have to be prepared'

By Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN
A mile down the road, a heavily armed killer had just crashed his vehicle after committing the worst mass shooting in the state's history. Joel Robbins hopped in his car, where he keeps a loaded .38 revolver, and rushed to the scene.
His wife, Lynn Robbins, 63, didn't blink.

'Gurneys just kept coming'

By Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN
A quarter-century of surgical experience couldn't steel Dr. Michael Seiff for what he encountered entering Sunrise Hospital's emergency room Sunday night.
UC Berkeley student Ryan Kelley-Cahill, 19, a freshman studying business and political science, from Alameda.

Ann Coulter tests Berkeley's free speech credentials

By Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN
Judging from the talk about the University of California, Berkeley lately, you'd think the campus was filled with hypersensitive snowflakes covering their ears to block out ideas they don't like.
confederate flag charges georgia savidge dnt ac_00002211.jpg

2 years after racists crashed child's party, fears linger

By Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN
You might think it was over when the armed party-crashers drove their trucks, most of them bearing Confederate flags, away from the 6-year-old's birthday party. Or when some of them were arrested months later. Perhaps it seemed like a tidy conclusion when two of the ringleaders were handed lengthy prison terms this week.

Town's views on desegregation not so black and white

By Eliott C. McLaughlin, CNN
A short jaunt east of the former railroad tracks that used to divide black and white in this town, you could hear cousins Lindell Little and Vell Mays cutting up as Little worked on his bicycle.