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    Senators introduce bill for new online political ad disclosures

    By Jeremy Herb and Donie O'Sullivan, CNN
    A bipartisan trio of senators unveiled legislation Thursday that would place new disclosure requirements on political advertisements in an effort to combat the kind of election meddling that Russia engaged in during the 2016 election campaign.


Danah came to the United States to study and says she is fearful of returning home

The Saudi women afraid to go home

Story by Donie O'Sullivan Video by Samantha Guff
"This is it," Arwa said as she sat in the US immigration office on the outskirts of Houston, Texas last month. Having fled Saudi Arabia two years earlier, her 7 a.m. appointment would reveal if her application for asylum had been successful or whether she would be forced to leave America.
Carmen Llarul's daughter served in the Navy and her granddaughter is on her first deployment with the Airforce in Japan. Pointing to her hands she says, "these hands clean the rooms every single day for Mr Trump so he can be rich."

The Trump workers voting against the boss

By Donie O'Sullivan and Tiara Chiaramonte, CNN
Celia Vargas fled civil war-torn El Salvador and crossed the Mexican border into the United States in the back of a truck in 1981.

The new Americans voting for the first time

By Donie O'Sullivan, Samantha Guff, and Tiara Chiaramonte CNN
Fleeing El Salvador's civil war, Javier Torres, 19 at the time, came to the United States across the Mexican border on January 10, 1986. On Tuesday, 30 years later, Torres will vote for the first time in an American presidential election.

We asked, you answered: How IVF and adoption changed your lives

As told to Donie O'Sullivan and Jane Carr, CNN
On Tuesday, CNN Opinion published "Single, childless and nearing 40, I saw one real option," a personal essay by Sarah Lenti, a political strategist who decided to have children through in vitro fertilization (IVF). She writes: "I am a single mother by choice. Yet I was raised in a Christian, conservative home, where I grew up believing in the traditional family unit. And I was taught that there was an order to achieving it. First, fall in love. Second, marry a man. Third, start a family. Now in my fifth decade, only one has proven true for me -- and it isn't the first."





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