• Don Riddell is an award-winning anchor and correspondent for World Sport, working out of CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta.

    He is currently the host of World Sport on CNN International and one of the network's most versatile anchors, having also presented the long-running feature show Living Golf as well as news programs World News and CNN Today.

    In 2016 Riddell reported on the Hillsborough football disaster -- and the long campaign for truth and justice -- in the CNN documentary, World Sports Presents: They'll Never Walk Alone. This powerful film was recognized by the New York Festivals with a silver medal.

    Riddell also covered the 2016 Summer Olympics from Rio de Janeiro and the deadly Chapecoense plane crash in Colombia. He was in Brazil when the team returned to competition.

    Since joining CNN in 2002, Riddell has filed stories from dozens of countries, speaking to many of the world's top sports names and profiling stories as diverse as match-fixing and the emergence of eSports. He has covered all four golf majors and the Ryder Cup, in addition to Wimbledon, the Rugby World Cup, the Tour de France, Champions League Finals and Spain's 2010 World Cup victory from Madrid.

    In 2013 Riddell fronted the CNN documentary World Sports Presents: Branded a Rebel, which examines the 30th anniversary of cricket's highly controversial "Rebel Tours", specifically the West Indies unauthorized tour of apartheid-era South Africa in 1983. Featuring powerful interviews with some of the cricketers - who were punished with lifetime bans - 'Branded a Rebel' won the Foreign Press Association's 'Sports Story of the Year' award in 2013 as well as a Golden Eagle from CINE.

    In addition to covering sports, Riddell has also covered many news stories including the 2010 Royal Wedding and the G20 summit in London. From the studio, he has covered the Haiti earthquake, the Mumbai terror attacks, the disputed Iranian election and the death of Michael Jackson. He has profiled a variety of personalities from astronauts to prime ministers, holocaust survivors and the world's tallest man.

    Named a finalist as 'Best Sports Anchor' at the New York Festivals in 2016, Riddell often writes for CNN.com and occasionally pens columns for publications around the world. He is an award-winning filmmaker and keen photographer, whose pictures are often seen alongside his reports on CNN.com.

    Prior to joining CNN, Riddell worked in British regional television; starting on Calendar News with Yorkshire Television (YTV) in Leeds, and the London News Network (LNN), where he worked as a presenter and reporter for the London Tonight program.

    In 1998, Riddell was invited to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace, having been identified as one of the nation's young achievers by the Independent Television Commission.

    He has run both the London and New York Marathons.

    Riddell has a Bachelors degree with honours in Public Media/Communication and Cultural Studies from Leeds University.