• David Mark is a breaking news editor at CNN Politics.

    For six years Mark was a senior editor at Politico. He ran Politico's Opinion section, its popular online debate forum, edited and wrote stories on a range of topics, among other responsibilities. Mark was previously editor-in-chief of Campaigns & Elections magazine, which covers the business and trends of politics. Earlier in his career Mark was a reporter on Capitol Hill.

    Mark is also an author. Dog Whistles, Walk-Backs and Washington Handshakes: Decoding the Jargon Slang and Bluster of American Political Speech, co-written with Chuck McCutcheon, was published in September 2014. A follow-up eBook, Doubletalk: The Language Code and Jargon of a Presidential Election, came out in January 2016.

    Mark first book, Going Dirty: The Art of Negative Campaigning, was published in 2006, and has won wide acclaim among popular and academic audiences. "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" featured the book in an interview segment with David. And -- to the author's surprise -- Going Dirty was the topic of a "Jeopardy" question.

    In addition to numerous media appearances Mark has been a regular speaker before academic, business, educational and international audiences. University lectures include Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. And he's spoken about politics and current affairs in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Fiji, Finland, France, Israel, Lithuania, The Netherlands and New Zealand.