• Dan Lieberman is a digital correspondent for CNN focused on in-depth news stories and documentaries that air across all CNN platforms.

    Lieberman is an award-winning journalist whose reporting on the opioid drug epidemic, immigration and criminal justice has taken him around the U.S. and Latin America. Recently, Lieberman reported on how companies in the rust belt are turning to refugees to help fill jobs amidst the drug epidemic. As part of a special on hate speech on college campuses, he interviewed controversial figures in the weeks leading up to the University of California, Berkeley riot.

    Prior to CNN, Lieberman worked for ABC News and as an Anchor and Correspondent at Fusion. Lieberman spent two years reporting on "The Heroin Trail," traveling between Colombia and Vermont culminating in an hour-long documentary that aired on Fusion and ABC's "Nightline".

    In Honduras, Lieberman reported on why thousands of people were trying to flee San Pedro Sula, known as "the most dangerous city in the world" fueled by gang violence and drug trafficking. Lieberman also reported for Nightline on the controversial use of solitary confinement in America's prison system, as well as the effect of pilot fatigue on American airline safety.

    Lieberman received his bachelor's degree from McGill University and a Master's in journalism at Columbia University as a Stabile Center Investigative Fellow.

    He's a proud Philadelphia native and is based in New York City.