• Juan, an undocumented immigrant, lives in Chicago but misses his family in Mexico.

    Dollars to Mexico: A village's lifeline

    Claudia Morales
    A son migrated to the U.S. from Mexico, to help his parents survive by sending back money. But part of Donald Trump's immigration policy could threaten that support, and the lifeline of an entire town. (In a statement to CNN, the Trump campaign maintains building a wall is the right solution, but did not address money transfers directly.)
  • From honor student to heroin addict

    Suburban teenagers around the United States are are battling opioid addiction. Deborah Feyerick visits one county where heroin deaths are nearly four times the national average.
  • Beattyville Kentucky Trump voters cm orig_00072708.jpg

    Kentucky voters aren't waiting on Trump

    One year into Trump's presidency, CNN's Poppy Harlow returns to Beattyville, Kentucky, where more than half of the residents live in poverty. They're still hopeful the President will help their Appalachian community, but are not waiting on Washington to bring change.
  • A mother and her children walk outside the refugee house they stayed in after being released from detention

    Families crossing the border: 'We are not criminals'

    By Claudia Morales, CNN
    Yanira Lopez thought she and her three children had finally left the worst behind: the fear and uncertainty of a perilous journey from their native Guatemala to the United States border; the harrowing day she lost her children for five hours somewhere in an unknown land.
  • Terrorism has no boundaries

    A Norwegian, an American, and a Spaniard, who've lost a relative to terrorism share how it has impacted all of their lives, despite coming from three different countries.